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Eat Local.

In most places, the average dinner travels more than 1500 miles from field to fork. Ward’s Supermarket strives to bring that number down. By purchasing local produce, meats, and a variety of other hand-crafted goods, we ensure the freshness of our food. Ward’s Supermarket is Gainesville’s premier source of fresh, local foods and goods.

Ward’s offers an ever-increasing variety of delicious and wholesome local foods, including:

It’s Good For You.

Local foods are fresh, so they don’t require the preservatives needed for shipping long distances.

Local produce is picked hours before it reaches Ward’s, not days or weeks, so it contains more nutrients and tastes better too! Local foods keep us connected to the seasons and our diverse Florida environment.

It’s Good for the Planet.

Buying food that has been shipped across the world, or even across the country, is a huge waste of oil and contributes to pollution and global warming. Local farmers are a part of the Gainesville community. They respect and protect our environment by practicing sustainable agriculture.

It’s Good for the Community.

Buying locally produced food strengthens our local economy. Money spent on local goods stays in the Gainesville community and supports the families of local, hardworking farmers and food artisans. For every one hundred dollars spent at a local business in your community, $73 stays in the local economy. That statistic dwindles down to $43 at non-local businesses – almost a full third less.

Want To Know More?

Here are a few resources to learn more about the benefits of eating locally produced food:

  • Gainesville Farm Fresh lists a variety of resources concerning Gainesville’s local food community.
  • Hogtown HomeGrown offers recipes, menus and more based on Gainesville’s seasonally available food.
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