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Pack a Punch for Back to School Lunch

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School is officially back in session, and if the thought of coming up with foods for another roughly 180 lunches is making you want to hit the wine aisle, just know that you’re not alone.

Satisfying your kiddos’ tastes, let alone if you have a picky eater, can be difficult, and years of packing lunches may have caused your ideas to go stale — pun intended. But never fear because if you’re wondering what lunches are easy peasy, delicious and nutritious, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for some exciting ways to put the yum back in lunch to put a smile on your children’s faces and restore your sanity.

Presentation Is Everything

Kids are visual creatures and are far more likely to eat what you’ve packed if they like how it looks. This can be simple as packing their food in an adorable bento-style box that keeps foods separated and has the added benefit of portion control.

Here are a few more handy tips for making a lunch they’ll love to munch.

  • Make lunches the night before, so you have more time to enjoy the process and have fun with it.
  • Consider using a thermos container to keep cold things cold and hot things hot.
  • Include plastic utensils, so your nice set doesn’t end up at the bottom of the circular file.
  • Add in a note telling your child how much you love them. That special surprise will make everything you’ve packed taste that much sweeter.
  • Allow your kiddos to help you pack their lunches, so they feel like they have some ownership over what’s included.

Get Creative

So now to the hard part — the food. Put the old PB&Js away and think outside the (lunch)box for yummy new foods from chicken wraps to pasta salad and everything between.

Enticing Entrees

For the star of the lunch show, switch up the old ham or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for cheese quesadillas, ravioli, meatballs, or fun pinwheels in these varieties:

  • Pizza
  • Turkey
  • Ham salad
  • Green chile
  • Chicken enchilada

Flavorful Fruits and Veggies

apple display in grocery store

Next, be sure to include some healthy goodies such as seasonal fruits and veggies, which pack more flavor and are more affordable. A few options that travel well include blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, and watermelon. For extra points, whip up a tasty chocolate fruit dip.

Scrumptious Sides

Don’t forget to add in some side dishes such as bbq ranch pretzel bites, peanut butter crackers, hummus and pretzels, hard-boiled eggs, string cheese, and yogurt. These snacks will give your kiddos the protein they need to stay fuller longer and make it through the rest of the school day.


For the final touch, add some puppy chow, energy balls, or these peanut butter bars. You can even trick your kids into thinking they’re eating something healthy with this delicious chocolate avocado pudding.

Ward’s Is Your One-Stop School Lunch Shop

When it comes to making school lunches, we may not be able to actually make them for you, but Ward’s Supermarket makes it easy by offering all the freshest, delicious meats, dairy, produce, and snacks you need to be the MVP of your child’s year. Contact us or stop in today to stock up on all you need to give your kiddos lunches they’ll remember — in a positive way!

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