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Our philosophy for fruits and vegetables is simple: they should always be fresh and seasonal, and they should always be picked at their peak. Although our selection varies with the seasons, you will always find a dazzling array of fruits and vegetables at Ward’s Supermarket.

Ward’s Supermarket tries to provide everything you need for a healthy, well-balanced diet. We carry an excellent selection of ethnic produce and organic and local items as well. From avocados to zucchini, our diverse variety of produce will surely have something for the whole family!

Don, our department manager, along with the rest of our knowledgeable staff, have a steadfast commitment to supporting local farmers that have yielded high-quality crops year after year for our store. We continue to work hand-in-hand with the same local family farms that have provided our store with the best fruits and vegetables for generations. Working with local farms keeps our produce as fresh as possible and decreases the time between the farm and your table. Because the wait time is shorter, fewer pesticides are necessary to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh.

We know fruits and vegetables are an integral part of your diet, so we work with our local vendors to keep our produce costs as low as possible. Fruits and vegetables appear each week in our weekly specials, so be sure to check and see what great deal you can get this week.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

We also have an impressive selection of organic fruits and vegetables, both from local sources and highly respected larger farms. For more information on choosing organic produce, please visit the nonprofit website Why Organic.


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