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A Beginner’s Guide to Tea

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While coffee may be the desired drink for many, there may be an opportunity to “brew” something different. Instead of choosing a coffee roast, you may choose to steep fresh tea leaves for your cup. 

With endless varieties and health benefits that stretch far beyond that of coffee, tea has become a favored drink by many and seeped its way into the daily routine of many. So what exactly is tea and how do you brew it?

Tea Bags vs. Loose Tea

Tea itself is the actual leaves used to make a drink. They can come in small mesh bags or as a combination of loose leaves and herbs. Both involve adding boiling water to the tea and allowing it to steep for a few minutes. Once the tea has infused the water, it can be removed and then enjoyed. Here are the basic guidelines for brewing tea: 

  • One minute for light infusion
  • Two minutes for strong flavor
  • Three minutes for robust flavor

Health Benefits of Tea

Each type of tea possesses different health benefits and caffeine, making it easy to select your type based on the time of day, flavor preference, and mood. Teas with herbs such as lavender possess calming properties and are most suitable to drink before bed. Green tea, on the other hand, contains caffeine and is best served in the morning. Below you can find each type of tea, and its specific benefits. 

5 Basic Types of Tea

Researching the categories of tea may show you a daunting list, but we’ve broken it down into the five general types to choose from if you’re just getting started.

Green Tea

To start out your morning with an energizing, refreshing boost, try green tea. The key to green tea is a heating process that stops oxidization. This unique method preserves the fresh leaves, keeping it’s naturally bitter flavor and abundance of antioxidants.

A specific type of green tea that’s taken off in recent years is matcha. Instead of steeping tea leaves, a cup of matcha contains the leaves pressed into a fine powder. Drinking the entirety of the plant means you’re getting extra minerals such as magnesium and a deeper flavor.

Black Tea

The complete opposite of green tea is black tea. Tea leaves are intentionally exposed to air causing them to darken and develop a stronger flavor and color. Black tea also contains roughly two times more caffeine than green tea, making it the best substitute for morning your coffee.


For a delicate and floral drink, there are specialty teas. The most popular is white tea, a sweet option that goes through far less processing than others and is a great starter. 

Another option is oolong, a traditional Chinese tea that’s found renewed popularity. Unlike green and black tea, oolong requires an intense process that allows it to be steeped multiple times and bears a rich, fruity flavor. 

Fruit & Herbal Tea

While fruit and herbal teas are by far the most prevalent type, they aren’t true tea because they don’t contain tea leaves but rather herbs. However, their exceptional variety of flavors make them qualified to be on our list. 

Chamomile and chai tea are the most popular of this category. If you’re winding down after a long day, the chamomile flower promotes sleep and is proven to help with anxiety. On the other hand, chai tea gives a mild energy boost and helps with heart health and digestion. Whatever fruit or herb you’re looking for, you can find any and every exotic flavor to please your palette. 

Get the Par-tea Started with Ward’s

Whether you want to start your day off strong, have a mid-day energy boost, or enjoy a relaxing evening, tea is your mood setter. At Ward’s, we’ve gone above and beyond to find the best to provide our customers with the highest quality varieties of tea. Stop by our store today to find the perfect tea for you!

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