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Cooking with Fish: Health Benefits and Flavors

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Why Cook With Fish

Incorporating fish into your diet helps provide nutritional value as well as a variety of opportunities to explore new flavors that will enhance your diet. Here are some popular fish, along with some of their nutritional benefits and suggested preparations.


Salmon is not only packed with protein, but also with omega-3 fatty acids, a nutrient that the body greatly needs, but cannot make on its own. Two types of omega-3 fatty acids that are found in both wild and farmed salmon are DHA and EPA. These substances have been linked with the following benefits: reduction of triglyceride levels, alleviation of joint pain, promotion of heart health, reduced inflammation, and lowered depression.

Salmon pairs well with acidic, citrus flavors. Try these salmon preparations:

  • Lightly drizzle salmon with olive oil. Add one half teaspoon of minced garlic followed by two slices of fresh lemon.
  • Coat salmon with reduced sodium soy sauce. Squeeze some fresh orange on top. Note that this will vary depending on your palette.

For more salmon recipes, check out this article from!


Grouper is a mild, white, flaky fish. This light fish is great for any spring or summer meal, especially when entertaining outdoors.Grouper is a very low calorie fish that has minimal fat–the fat is does contain is all unsaturated. This fish is an excellent source of protein, calcium and iron. Calcium is great for building strong bones, maintaining oral health, and has even been associated with the prevention of certain cancers, such as breast and colon cancer. Iron, on the other hand, works to supply oxygen to your organs.

Because grouper has a very mild taste, preparations for this fish can be very diverse. Some tasty options include:

  • Blackened- coat the fish in a Cajun seasoning of your choice, sear in a pan until fish is thoroughly cooked
  • Baked grouper with a parmesan, herb and panko bread crumb crust. This will add a great crunchy texture to the outside of the fish. (We suggest using fresh herbs for maximum flavor)


Similar to grouper, tilapia is a mild, white fish. One of the great perks of cooking with tilapia is that it is readily available and at a fair price. Tilapia is high in phosphorus, potassium, selenium and Vitamin B, which together, assist with maintaining strong nails, teeth and bones, increasing the oxygen supply to the brain, boosting the immune system and much more.

Tilapia can be prepared in the same way as grouper. Here are some additional prep suggestions:

  • Simply season with salt and pepper, to your taste, and grilled. Chop the fillet up and make some wonderful grilled fish tacos!
  • Lightly glaze tilapia with a mixture of soy sauce and brown sugar. Bake with vegetables of choice to create a teriyaki stir-fry!

Cook With Fish Tonight

While these nutritional benefits can be obtained from supplements, fish can provide a much more enjoyable and flavorful way to get these nutrients while allowing you try try new recipes. Stop in to Ward’s Supermarket today and check out our seafood department so you can start planning your next delicious fish dinner!

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