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Produce You’ll Fall For This Season

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Here in central Florida, we are slowly leaving the summer season – but unfortunately not the heat – behind as we head into fall. When planning your family’s meals, consider incorporating in-season produce to get the most flavor, freshness, and maximum nutrients. Eating seasonal fruits and vegetables also ensures that you have a diverse diet of healthy, delicious foods that changes throughout the year, so you won’t soon get bored.

Fall Fruit and Veggie Favorites 

When you think fall foods, you likely think of tailgating favorites, such as fruit salads, salsa, dips, or warm, cozy meals like chili or stew as the weather finally begins to cool. Ward’s Supermarket in-season produce has you covered, whatever fall foods you crave.


When you think of fruits that hydrate the body, grapefruit may not initially make the list. But, grapefruits are mostly water and contain about 190% of your daily vitamin C needs. When you bite into this juicy fruit, it not only helps you hit your daily water intake goals but can help support your immune system. 


As you make your kids’ school lunches, don’t forget to include oranges! This small fruit packs a big bang when it comes to nutrition and sating hunger. You may wonder which types are best to eat during the fall – Hamlin oranges, navel oranges, and tangerines are all in-season in the autumn months. 


A few varieties of tangerines are available in the fall months, including Fallglo (mild and sweet) and Sunburst (rich and sweet), and their easy-to-peel skin makes them an easy portable snack for fall fun on-the-go.   


Arguably the most versatile food on this list, peanuts can be eaten in a wide variety of ways, including straight outta the shell, as peanut butter, included in snack mixes, boiled, or as an ice cream topping, to name just a few. Peanuts can even be added to stir-fried vegetables, such as asparagus, for a healthy and delicious crunch. 


Florida’s sweet corn season begins in October and goes until June. Grilled corn is a tasty addition to a fall barbecue, or it adds tons of flavor to tomato and avocado salsa as a tailgating crowd pleaser.  

Snap Beans

Many of us have fond (or maybe not so fond) memories of snapping beans before a delicious Southern dinner. While these beans are slightly more labor-intensive than others, their taste and freshness make it all worth it. 

Hard Squash

pie pumpkins types of winter squash Ward's Supermarket Gainesville FL

Commonly thought of as a vegetable, hard squash, or pumpkins, are actually a fruit of the vine that can be more than just Halloween jack-o-lanterns. They are delectable in pumpkin bread, creamy fall bisques, added to salads, or used in pumpkin pie. And don’t forget pumpkin seeds that, when roasted, make another mouthwatering fall delight. 

Butternut Squash

This pear-shaped vegetable is sweet with a hint of nuttiness, kind of like your favorite aunt. Butternut squash is delicious cooked into a creamy, savory soup or roasted with cinnamon for a feel-good treat. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes offer plenty of vitamin A nutrients and are a tasty alternative to regular potatoes. They can be fried, baked, or roasted and topped with honey, cinnamon, and butter. Sweet potato pie is also a staple fall dessert. 


Garlic is an herb that is a cousin to onion, leeks, and shallots. Use garlic to make a creamy dressing for your fall salads or add roasted garlic to bread spreads. Garlic is an easy but distinctive addition to practically any dish you cook – just remember to brush your teeth after eating garlic if you plan to go out in public unless, of course, you want to be left alone. 


When shopping for your fall cooking, don’t forget to pick up a few herbs that add flavor to your favorite autumn dishes! Add a little spice to your fall foods with these options: 

  • Parsley
  • Lavender (pictured)
  • Sage
  • Tarragon

Ward’s Supermarket Has the In-Season Produce to Make Your Fall Flavor-Full 

Our Ward’s Supermarket team is always here to answer any of your questions about which produce selections are best for your meals. No matter what you’re making, we have the freshest in-season produce that will take your dishes to the next scrumptious level! 

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