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Five Ways Ward’s Supermarket Encourages Sustainable Grocery Shopping

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It’s Earth Month and there’s no better time to start thinking about ways to make your life greener than now! One way to make your choices better for the planet is to practice sustainable grocery shopping. Ward’s Supermarket makes it easier than ever to make better choices in the grocery store to help your family and the Earth!

Local and Seasonal is Better

At Ward’s Supermarket, we are known for our dedication to the freshest products. Because our products are sourced from local vendors and farmers, we ensure freshness without the need for preservatives. We are actively working to bring down the average 1500 miles it takes for most products to come from the field to your kitchen.

In addition to freshness, our produce is offered based on the season of the produce. Only offering produce in season drives costs down and reduces energy spent on transporting out-of-season foods to our store. Also, seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown in natural conditions instead of in greenhouses. Greenhouses use a great amount of energy to mimic conditions, which produces gases that contribute to climate change. Buying seasonally reduces the need for these greenhouses.

Bulk Items

Products in Bulk at Ward's

Ward’s Supermarket is also the place to buy in bulk. Buying bulk items is a great way to cut down on waste and reduce the need for plastic packaging. We are happy to fill your own personal jars and containers when you come in store, which is a good thing for you and the planet. You are only buying the amount of food you need which saves money!

Support Sustainability with Vendors

Ward’s partners with over 300 local vendors. By partnering with local farmers and vendors, Ward’s encourages and rewards those who partake in sustainable practices. This creates a positive chain of sustainability and impacts the Gainesville community. You can shop at Ward’s Supermarket with the confidence that you are making smart and sustainable choices when you are grocery shopping.

Flagship Coffee Roasters here in Gainesville is a prime example of this. Their use of biodegradable packaging is just one way that they practice sustainability. All of their coffee is organic-certified and has been reviewed to make sure that it meets the standards of organic farming. In addition to being organic, Flagship Roasters only offers fair-trade coffee which means that they pay a fair price for the coffee and make sure farmers are being paid for all of the labor they do.

Learn more about Flagship Coffee Roasters here:

Organic Options

organic food

Ward’s Supermarket also offers an impressive selection of organic foods. Organic is a more sustainable option when it comes to vegetables, fruits, and meats. Organic farming is a practice that absorbs more carbon which reduces Earth’s carbon footprint. This also creates richer soil. Organic farming is credited with using less energy, but also using resources more wisely when compared to traditional farming practices. If you’re concerned about the price of organic versus generic items, check out our blog with seven tips to shop organic on a budget!

Great Savings with Weekly Specials

If you are hesitant to spend a little more on local brands and organic foods, don’t fear! Here at Ward’s, we always have Weekly Specials to make sure you are saving money. There are savings on every department in our store, from meats to dairy and produce to natural foods! We want to encourage sustainable shopping and our weekly specials is just another way we do that!

Sustainable Grocery Shopping is Easy at Ward’s Supermarket

As you can see, Ward’s Supermarket is a leader in sustainable grocery shopping. From our products to our partnerships with local vendors, we want to help you make more sustainable decisions. Stop by our store and see just how easy sustainable grocery shopping is!

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