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Homemade Frozen Desserts for Summer

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When the sizzling Florida sun has taken its toll, find some sweet reprieve with frozen, delicious treats! These homemade frozen desserts are perfect for any occasion, whether you are hosting a dinner party or having a sun-soaked day at the pool. 

The best part is that you can easily find all the ingredients you need at Ward’s. We offer a wide range of fresh, in-season produce — like mangoes, watermelons, guava, and passion fruit. With our dazzling array of options, you can take your frozen desserts to the next level.

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A Combination That Is “Mint” To Be

Watermelon and mint make for a truly refreshing and delicious combination. On a hot day in the sun, this is exactly what you need! With just four ingredients, this dessert is a breeze to throw together. Simply blend fresh watermelon pieces, honey, lime juice and mint leaves together and pour into popsicle molds. In just a few hours, you’ll have the most popular pop on the block!

A Cookie Classic

Who doesn’t love chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched between two warm, oven-baked cookies? A homemade chipwich will surely delight all your guests, from young to old. This recipe outlines the cookies from scratch, but you can easily buy pre-made cookies from the store.   

Pro tip: once the sandwich is assembled, roll the outside ice cream in mini chocolate chips for the full chipwich experience!

Go Bananas 

Chocolate covered banana bites are a versatile treat to keep on hand. With endless toppings – from nuts to sprinkles to strawberry bits – there is something for everyone. These homemade frozen desserts can be prepped ahead of time, and they can stay fresh for a few weeks in the freezer!

Pro tip: Freeze chocolate covered banana bites on parchment paper on a baking sheet. Once frozen, combine banana bites into a freezer safe container. This way, you’ll avoid a frozen clump of banana bites!

Festive for the Fourth 

Celebrate the Fourth of July with flying colors with a patriotic dessert! With just the right amount of in-season produce and yogurt, this easy dessert is perfect for an outdoor barbecue or for sitting poolside. Swap out plain yogurt for plain Greek yogurt for an extra punch of protein or add a sprinkle of chocolate chips. 

Pro tip: Plate in mason jars for easy individual serving! 

Shop Local at Ward’s

Ward’s bountiful selection of in-season and local produce is your go-to source for creating frozen delights that will make you the star of any gathering. At Ward’s, we pride ourselves on bringing you the highest-quality produce and goods possible, giving you every reason to support local businesses this Independence Day. Stop by today and experience the Ward’s way. 

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