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4 Iconic Ward’s Supermarket Items Every First-Time Shopper Should Try

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Whether you’re new to Gainesville or you’ve lived here for years, you’re missing out if you’ve never made it into Ward’s Supermarket! Our farm-fresh approach to products lets you experience organic meats, cheese, wines, and more from the local community and around the world, all from the convenience of our aisles. 

If you’re a first-time shopper, we have four iconic products that we think will make you want to come see us—and sooner rather than later! Learn about what you can find at our store the first time you visit Ward’s Supermarket.

Our Fresh Squeezed Juices: From Fruit to Your Cup

Nothing beats a fresh cup of orange juice at the start of the day. And what better way to improve your morning routine than by knowing exactly which farms grew the fruits and squeezed the juice? At Ward’s, we offer freshly squeezed juices five days a week. 

From sweet options such as orange and apple juice to more tart, earthy flavors like carrot and grapefruit, you can drink easy knowing our juice is straight from the fruit tree to your cup. Not sure which juice you like best? No need to fret—get to our store early, and we’ll give you a free sample of our available juice before you buy!

Our Large Selection of Chocolate: A Sweet Treat Just for You

Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? With Ward’s entire wall of chocolate, you’re sure to find a delicious sweet treat within our aisles! We have chocolate options for any craving and any diet. 

You’ll find all the classics at our store like Lindt, Ghirardelli, Perugina, and Godiva—as well as local options such as Dagoba, Theo, Divine, Equal Exchange, and Chocolove. Are you a fan of chocolate and fruit? You’ll love our bars mixed with cherries, blueberries, or other dried fruits. Looking for something a little more sweet and crunchy? Try our chocolate bars with toffee and nuts! Just want pure cacao? We offer raw cacao as well. 

Chocolate is for everyone—that’s why our wall of chocolate has options for dairy-free, vegan, raw, gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-sweetened, and carob. Find your favorite chocolate bar at your local Ward’s Supermarket!

Our Fresh Meats & Steaks: Turn Your Kitchen into a Steakhouse

No need to get all fancy and spend a pretty penny at a steakhouse to have a nice meal. You can have the same quality meat from the comfort of your own home when you purchase from Ward’s! 

From marbled steaks to fresh, local fish, our skilled butchers can help you find the perfect cut for your meal. Don’t see the cut you’re looking for out in our stock? Our butcher will custom-cut meat for you!

Our meats are fresh. We source our meat from four farms that value organic eating and farm-fresh quality. One of our providers even supplies our stores with exotic meats such as elk, buffalo, and ostrich. So whether you’re looking for a classic steak dinner or want to try a meat you’ve never had before, Ward’s Supermarket is your one-stop shop for fresh meats!

Our Local Craft Beers: Brewed to Perfection

Gainesville is home to several local breweries—each with their own unique craft beers, ciders, and sours. To support local businesses in our community, we’re happy to partner with them and offer their brews at our store! Whether you’re a beer connoisseur or just dipping your toes into the world of beer, you’ll find a can that’s calling your name. Is German or Irish beer more your speed? Our selection also includes craft brews from around the world. And if there’s a beer you can’t find, let us know, and we’ll consider adding it to our stock! 

Don’t Miss the Hype about Ward’s Supermarket Local Goods and Merch!

If you’ve never been to Ward’s Supermarket, don’t delay your first trip any longer! We listed only four iconic items, but we promise there’s a lot more at our stores for you to enjoy—all with freshness and organic living in mind. We know you’re sure to find local goods and products for you, your family, and your friends. Maybe you’ll even become such a fan of Ward’s Supermarket that you’ll invest in our very own Ward’s merch! Take the plunge, and try these four iconic items today in stores!

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