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Our Top Picks for Keto Diets

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Healthier eating is on the rise. While there are so many different diets to choose from, one of the most popular diets is the keto diet. If you want to try the diet or aren’t sure how to continue living a keto lifestyle, don’t worry! We have everything you need to stick to your keto diet and still enjoy delicious foods.

What is the Keto Diet?

The keto diet is one of the most popular diet options today. It requires you to consume a lot of fatty foods while keeping carbs low. When we say fatty, we mean foods that contain healthy fats. It’s an attractive fat-burning diet that can be easily adopted if you are willing to give up a lot of carbs!

This diet causes your body to shift into a state of “ketosis” where your metabolism is kickstarted. Because you are replacing carbohydrates with high amounts of fat, your body will burn the fat for energy. Not only does your body burn fat, but it will also transform this fat into molecules called ketones. Ketones give your brain the energy it needs to operate.


The keto diet is very attractive when it comes to weight loss. But did you know the keto diet also helps reduce the risk of:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy

Our Top Keto Diet Foods

The keto diet doesn’t require any hard-to-find foods or expensive supplements. Changing your diet to include healthy fats and low carbohydrates is the only requirement. At Ward’s Supermarket, we offer all kinds of products to help you with your new healthier habits.


What to Look for When Shopping For a Ribeye Steak Ward's Supermarket Gainesville FL

A huge part of the keto diet is fatty meats. This includes red meat, turkey, ham, sausage, bacon, steak, and chicken. Our meat department offers a diverse selection of organic and free-range meats, so you can feel good about the meat you are eating while sticking to your diet.

Low-Carb Veggies

When choosing to pair your meat with sides, stick with low-carb veggies. These options include greens, tomatoes, avocados, onions, and peppers. Avocados are a huge part of the keto diet not only because they are so delicious, but avocados are packed with healthy fats.

Our selection of fresh and local vegetables makes it easier to enjoy your diet. Low-carb veggies are an integral part of any diet, so we work with our local vendors to keep our produce costs as low as possible. Keep checking our weekly specials to find the best deals on keto-friendly vegetables!

Fatty Fish

If you aren’t a fan of meat, you can get your protein from a number of fatty fishes. You can choose trout, salmon, tuna, or mackerel for your protein fix. Pair with some steamed veggies for a scrumptious keto-friendly dinner! Our seafood department is extensive and full of the freshest offerings to fit your keto diet.

Nuts & Seeds

Shop in Bulk at Ward's to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Nuts and seeds are good salty snacks that curb your craving for carb-loaded potato chips. You can choose from a variety of seeds and nuts including flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, and chia seeds. Stop by our bulk goods department to get all the nuts and seeds you need at a great price!


In addition to meats and fish, enjoy a hearty keto-friendly meal with eggs. Pastured or omega-3 whole eggs will keep you full and still within your keto diet. Whether you incorporate eggs into your breakfast or snack on them throughout the day, you’ll be able to enjoy yummy meals and still burn fat!

Unprocessed Cheese

Good news! You don’t have to kick cheese to the curb on the keto diet. Just stick to unprocessed cheese like cheddar, goat, blue, mozzarella, and cream cheese. Not only can you incorporate these cheeses into delicious meals, but you can also snack on these throughout the day for more energy! Healthy


When cooking meals, it’s good to keep in mind which oils will be helpful (and not harmful) to your dietary requirements. Choose to cook your meals in avocado, extra-virgin olive, or coconut oils to make your meals scrumptious and keto-friendly!


Finally, the most important part of any diet: snacks! And yes, you can snack while on the keto diet and still lose weight. Keto-friendly snacks include:

What Drinks Are Keto Friendly?

local wine Gainesville FL Ward's Supermarket

Now that we’ve covered what foods are keto-friendly, it’s time to discuss which drinks are allowed on the keto diet. Like with any healthy lifestyle, water should be your go-to drink. But in addition to water, you can still enjoy delicious coffee and tea on the keto diet. So you can have a cup (or two) of delicious coffee from our local vendor, Sweetwater Coffee Roasters, available in store.

When you want to relax, enjoy a glass of red wine and don’t worry about it affecting your diet. We have a wide selection of local and premier wines to help you wind down while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ward’s Supermarket Has a Wide Selection of Keto Diet Products

If you are just starting keto or have been following the diet for a while, Ward’s Supermarket has everything you need to keep your meals keto-friendly while not having to sacrifice flavor. From veggies and nuts to dairy and meats, stop by our store in Gainesville, FL to get everything you need for a keto-friendly lifestyle!

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