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Ring in the New Year With These 8 Lucky Foods

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Luck isn’t just for the Irish! In addition to the traditional American New Year’s Day dinner of ham, cabbage, black-eyed peas, greens, and cornbread, plenty of other foods are thought to bring good luck to the eater year-round.

Thanks to Ward Supermarket’s expansive selection of fresh, delicious meats, produce seafood, and more, you can start the new year off on the right (rabbit’s) foot.

Good Karma From the Farm-a

1. Pork

According to those who live in the midwest, pork represents progress, as pigs move ahead as they eat while poultry birds like chicken or turkey move backward.

2. Legumes

It’s an Italian tradition to eat lentils symbolizing wealth and prosperity, as flat legumes were thought to look like Roman coins in olden times, and they swell when put in water, signifying prosperity over time.

3. Grapes

People in Spain and Mexico believe that eating 12 grapes — to represent the 12 months of the new year — will bring good fortune in each of those months. Another tradition is to make 12 wishes as you eat the grapes.

4. Pomegranates

Pomegranates represent fertility (and rebirth) for those trying to get pregnant. A Greek custom is to toss pomegranate seeds across the floor to signify life and abundance or open the fruit at weddings to symbolize fertility and prosperity.

5. Fish

Fish is commonly thought to be lucky because fish scales look like coins, and they swim forward, representing progress. And the fact that they swim in groups further evokes the idea of abundance.

6. Noodles

Particularly in Asian countries, noodles are considered good luck as long as you don’t break the noodle on its way from the plate into your mouth. Some commonly eaten noodles include soba for the Japanese or yi mein for the Chinese. Noodle length is thought to represent long life.

7. Rice

Rice, quinoa, and barley are thought to be lucky and represent wealth, prosperity, and health. In Indian mythology, rice absorbs evil energies and bad omens while bringing good fortune.

8. Oranges and Honey: Good Fortune, Wealth, and Gold

Particularly in Asian cultures, consuming oranges and honey on New Year’s Day and throughout the year brings good luck, prosperity, and money. Oranges signify good fortune, wealth, and happiness, while honey represents gold.

Ward Off Bad Luck at Ward’s

We make it easy for you to get the foods you need to feel lucky every day — including meat, seafood, and produce — as well as the beer and wine you need to toast to the new year. Connect with us and come check out our selection of fresh, quality foods that are as delicious as they are symbolic, and enjoy the good fortune that comes your way!

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