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How to Shop for All Natural Skincare & Local Supplements

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At Ward’s, we believe in the power of natural, organic ingredients in everything we consume. That’s why we offer a variety of natural skincare and local supplement products for our customers to choose from! We encourage you to research what best works for your skin type or supplement needs, but we are happy to offer high-quality products using natural ingredients from our local vendors to help you in this journey! Learn how skincare and supplements can transform your health and self-care routines. 

*Note: We are not providing medical advice. This article is based on personal experience with skincare and supplements. If you have any questions, please consult with your doctor first. 

Why Are Natural Skincare and Local Supplements Important? 

Whether it’s going in your body or on your skin, carefully examining your skincare and supplement routine is important. When you’re looking for a new skincare routine, products with organic and natural ingredients are less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. If your skin is sensitive, you may find you have a better experience—and better results—with all-natural skincare products since there are little to no dyes, fake fragrances, or harsh chemicals. 

As for supplements, we always recommend doing careful research on anything you’re putting in your body, especially vitamins and supplements. Supplements can have a myriad of benefits for your health, energy levels, mental well-being, and so much more—but you must keep in mind not all of them are FDA-approved, and some supplement companies may not have your best interest at heart. 

The benefit of local supplements is you get a product that is made by the people of your own community. You can see exactly where their ingredients were sourced from and know the people who made the supplement. Not only that, but you also get to give directly back to your local economy by supporting a small business in your area!

Your Daily Self-Care Routine 

Not sure where to start with your new skin and health journey? Walk through our sample routine so you know what products you need, when you should use them, and how they can help you throughout the day! 

Starting the Day Right 

You wake up in the morning ready to start the day, but first, you must get ready. You head into the bathroom to begin your natural body care routine. After sleeping, you’ll want to make sure you cleanse your face of any sweat, dust, or dead skin cells that accumulate overnight. You hop in the shower with your recently purchased Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap or another local soap from Gainesville shops and a natural facial cleanser that works for your skin type. 

Once you finish your shower and dry off, you do the following morning skincare routine: 

  • First, apply a toner to reduce acne and add moisture to your face.
    • If you have acne, use a spot treatment after the toner to target specific pimples. 
  • Use an antioxidant serum, such as Vitamin C or Vitamin E oil, to reduce dark spots. 
  • If you have bags under your eyes, apply an eye serum, especially with caffeine as an ingredient, to reduce puffiness.
  • Use a moisturizer to reduce damage and hydrate your skin. 
  • To protect yourself from the Florida sun, apply a light sunscreen.

You go into the kitchen to take your supplements. Knowing you’ll want to start the day with some extra energy, you take B12, vitamin D, and iron—some of the best natural supplements to improve energy levels and blood flow. You can also take a multivitamin at this time or other supplements. After a hearty breakfast, you’re ready to start the day. 

Avoiding the Afternoon Slump

After a thorough morning skincare routine, your skin shouldn’t need any extra care throughout the day. However, when the UV rays are particularly strong, it’s always a good idea to reapply sunscreen to avoid sunburn. 

If you feel that 3 PM slump coming on, you may want to find a way to fix it quickly. Luckily, there are a few supplements that can help increase your productivity levels. Fish oil pills work to stabilize your mood and boost your cognitive function. If your day has been more stressful and you need to decompress, ashwagandha is a great way to relax without compromising your focus. 

Wind Down in the Evening

As you get ready for some rest and relaxation, you add a little self-care into your evening with your skincare routine. The order of your skincare routine should look like this: 

  • First, use your cleanser, and/or remove any makeup fully. 
  • To reduce the presence of dead skin cells, an exfoliant can leave your skin smooth and soft. 
  • Use toner again to hydrate the skin.
  • If you have acid products, you can use these after the tone—however, we always recommend doing a spot test with these products first to ensure they don’t irritate the skin. 
  • Apply serums—or if you want to have a little more fun, you can replace this step with a hydrating face mask. 
  • Apply eye serum again if you want to reduce puffiness. Cool temperatures from an ice roller also help reduce face redness and swelling.
  • Apply a light face oil to lock in the hydration. 
  • Use a hydrating night cream to finish off your routine.
    • If you have acne, this is also a great time to apply pimple patches to help reduce their appearance. 

As for your supplements, you get yourself a nice cool glass of water and decide to take melatonin for sleep support and Vitamin C to boost your immune system. As you unwind, you fall into a peaceful sleep thanks to the melatonin and begin your routine in the morning.

Find All Natural Skincare & Local Supplements at Ward’s Supermarket

While our schedule is just one way you can implement natural skincare and local supplements into your daily routine, there are many supplements and beauty products to choose from at Ward’s! We carefully choose our skincare products, and ensure they have a high safety rating on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. Our supplements are sourced from local homeopathy businesses that are dedicated to serving the health of their community. Whether you’re brand new to skincare and supplement routines or have had one for years, Ward’s Supermarket has something for everyone!

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