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Your Guide to Spring Produce

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Spring is in the air, and so are delicious in-season produce options! We have the freshest produce in stock to spring your meals to life with refreshing and bold flavor. This guide will help you find the fruits and vegetables that fit your family’s tastes. Let us send you home with the ingredients that will have you celery-brating every meal!

Spring Fruits and Vegetables


While apricots are commonly bought dried, they can be added to any meal. Apricots can be grilled and added to salads and main courses or pies and other desserts. They’re high in vitamins and flavor, yet don’t have the high demand and presence that other fruits do. This is because apricots require a unique harvesting process involving picking them when they are still unripe.


Despite its distinct flavor and texture, asparagus is actually 93% water! Asparagus requires farmers to have extra patience because it takes 3 years to see the first stalks. Recently asparagus’s popularity has increased, and you can now find several variations of it, such as white and purple. Enjoy them roasted with protein such as grilled steak or chicken.

Fresh Spring Asparagus


The piña to your colada, pineapples are the tropical fruit that puts you in a vacation state of mind. Pineapples pack a sour punch from their acidity and are full of beneficial digestive enzymes. Since pineapples grow as a cluster, they’re considered berries and not actually apples. If you’re looking to try something new, add pineapple to your pizza!


The people-pleaser of vegetables is most certainly the carrot. Used in every meal from a raw snack to carrot cake, carrots are not only versatile but easy to prepare. They’re also filled with fiber, calcium, and vitamin K. Carrots reduce the risk of cancer, balance blood sugar levels, improve eye health, and strengthen bones. These health benefits and their easy preparation make them a vegetable you “carrot” live without!

close up of fresh carrots


Bring some hap-pea-ness to your meals by adding green peas to your shopping cart. Green peas are one of the best plant-based protein sources, which is why they are so filling. Plus, they are packed with fiber. Just like carrots, peas support blood sugar control and have a long list of other health benefits. Whether fresh or frozen, peas take less than 5 minutes to cook, making them a quick and filling side dish.


“Turnip” the beat this spring with this root vegetable. Turnips have a mildly spicy flavor when raw but turn sweet, nutty, and earthy when cooked. They are best when roasted, boiled in stews, or raw on salads but can even be mashed into a potato-like side. Any dish with this hearty vegetable is sure to please!


Squeeze the day with some fresh lemon juice! Spring is the perfect time to make refreshing drinks and add some sweetness to your meals. Adding lemon slices to your water can boost digestion and provide your body with its daily dose of vitamins. Lemons have an endless supply of uses like cleaning your home, soothing a sore throat, and naturally lightening hair color.

Fresh Spring Lemons


Originating in India, mangos aren’t just a sweet fruit but an element in art and fabrics for centuries. The commonly used paisley pattern is said to be a stylized depiction of a mango. This fruit is packed full of nutrients and will give you the brain boost to make you paint like man-Gogh! Add mango slices to your breakfast with yogurt or make a refreshing fruit salad with mixed berries.

Our Un-beet-able Selection

You can’t beet our produce selection that includes an abundance of organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables. Easter is just around the corner, and Ward’s has got all your essentials covered. Stop in today, and lettuce help you pick some spring produce to bring your meals to life!

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