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Six Ways to Upgrade Your Thanksgiving Turkey This Year

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Christmas is coming in hot, but first we get to stuff our bellies during everyone’s favorite stretchy pants holiday — Thanksgiving! It’s time to bring back those tried-and-true recipes and brainstorm creative ways to put a twist on them so as not to put your guest to sleep, which the tryptophan will do on its own.

So, what are some ways you can WOW your guests with your turkey? When Thanksgiving rolls around, make a bird so good you’ll render everyone speechless. Keep reading for different ways to prepare your turkey and have your family feeling thank-full.

Spice It Up

Are you tired of making the same meal every Thanksgiving and looking to mix things up? Try something new this year. Here are some unique ways to prepare your turkey.

Roast Turkey With Cornbread Stuffing

Make every bite count with a Thanksgiving turkey to remember. Preparing your turkey with this herb-scented cornbread stuffing is sure to step up your cooking game. As soon as your guests step in the door, their mouths water from the delicious smell of this incredible dish.

Deep-Fried Turkey

This deep-fried turkey brined in brown sugar is sure to become a new tradition. If you’re looking for a delicious golden brown turkey with a crispy outside and juicy inside, this is the recipe for you.

Bacon-Wrapped Turkey

Adding bacon to your turkey keeps the cooking process simple while adding that delicious crunch you never knew you needed. This bacon turkey will be makin’ your meal complete and full of all the flavor you crave.

Keep Things Simple

If you want to keep things simple without much fuss, here are some traditional turkey recipes for your Thanksgiving. Feast your eyes and feed your appetite with these classics.

Traditional Roast Turkey

Making the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful, so it’s perfectly fine to stick with what you know. Plus, you can never go wrong with a classic roasted turkey! This five-star traditional roast turkey recipe is a sure way to make Thanksgiving a hit.

Grilled Turkey

A perfect way to switch up traditionally roasting your turkey without going too unconventional is grilling it! Grilling your turkey adds flavor and an irresistible taste while freeing up your oven space for your yummy side dishes saving you more time. What’s not to love about less stress and more food?

Wood-Smoked Turkey

While smoking a turkey is a bit of a longer process than roasting or grilling it, the end result is a tasty combination of sweet and smoky flavors while keeping the meat juicy. Like grilling your turkey, smoking it also frees up your oven for other dishes. If you’re willing to spend a little extra time for that nice crispiness and unique flavor, try smoking your turkey!

The (Tur)key to a Great Holiday? Shop At Ward’s!

However you decide to prepare your turkey this Thanksgiving, Ward’s has you covered with our meat orders and range of spices and ingredients to make it yummy in your tummy. You and your guests are sure to be so stuffed from your tasty meal that you can’t even argue about politics or money. Make this the “baste” Thanksgiving ever with Ward’s!

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