Don't Make a Mis-Steak: Tips from Bryan Ward on How to Shop for a Ribeye Steak
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Don’t Make a Mis-Steak: Tips from Bryan Ward on How to Shop for a Ribeye Steak

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Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of questions in store about a local deal on ribeye steaks. Ribeye steaks are one of the best cuts of beef available, but it’s important to do your research and know what to look for in a good ribeye steak.

Bryan Ward, our meat department manager, knows a good steak when he sees one. He raises his own cattle and follows the process from pasture to plate. We asked him what shoppers should look for when shopping for their ribeye steaks, and here’s what he had to say:

Good Marbling

Marbling = flavor. “Whenever you’re looking for a Delmonico [ribeye] steak, you want to look for a good marbling throughout your meat. Delmonicos are very tender, probably the best steak in my opinion that you can get. The more fat running throughout the meat, the better, as that’s where the flavor comes from.”

“There are two types of fat: high-temp and low-temp fat. High-temp fat won’t cook off if you grill it, but low-temp fat is that marbling fat that you want. When you cook it, the fat will release into the meat and give it a good flavor.”

What to Look for When Shopping For a Ribeye Steak Ward's Supermarket Gainesville FL


If the color is closer to burgundy than a bright red, be careful. “I don’t want one personally that is really dark. You want a lighter red or light pink color meat when you are picking out your steaks.”

Consider the Source

The source of the meat is very important when it comes to shopping for steaks. Steaks in the U.S. are held to a higher standard and are monitored by the USDA. Bryan says, “Most of our steaks are from the Midwest, from places like Iowa and Colorado.”

“When you see really good deals, just be careful, as the meat might be coming from somewhere like Mexico or Brazil. So be sure to ask for the source if it’s not clear.”


In order to preserve meat, some producers add ingredients to the meat to preserve it over long distances. “Our steaks [at Ward’s] are free of salt solutions or additives, it’s just straight meat. It is vacuum-sealed in a bag and shipped straight to us.” So, always be careful to check the ingredients before you buy, you might be surprised!


In order to get the best flavor from your steak, make sure you consider the thickness of the steak. “A quality ribeye steak will have some thickness to it. That way you can cook it to whatever temperature you want without cooking out all the flavor.”

Here’s a picture of a Delmonico (ribeye) steak made by Bryan himself:

To Find Great Quality Ribeye Steaks, Shop at Ward’s Supermarket!

If you’re not sure about a deal that might sound too good to be true, you can always stop by Ward’s Supermarket and shop for delicious steak at a great price every day. If you’re unsure about the best cut of beef for your recipe, the experts at our meat counter are always happy to answer any questions you have and offer their advice.

Visit us in store to see our full selection, and we’re also able to take special orders by giving us a call at (352) 372-1741 ext. 2. We look forward to serving you!

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