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Vendor Spotlight: Wellspring Kombucha

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Ward’s Supermarket is proud to offer Wellspring Kombucha as a part of our healthy beverage selection. We sat down to ask the owners and brewers themselves some questions about Wellspring Kombucha and to learn more about this delicious and healthy beverage that is brewed right here in Gainesville, FL.

Wellspring Kombucha: Q&A

“What is kombucha?”

“Kombucha is a living beverage, abundant in probiotics and antioxidants, that has been consumed all over the world for thousands of years. Sweetened tea is cultured with beneficial bacteria and friendly yeasts to produce a low-sugar, non-alcoholic, bubbly brew with a refreshingly tangy taste. Fruit juices and herbs can be added to boost nutrition while offering a variety of flavors.”

“How is kombucha made?”

“Wellspring Kombucha begins with only the finest ingredients – from fairly traded teas grown high in the Yunnan mountains of China to fresh-pressed organic fruits from local farms. Each small batch is fermented for at least 21 days and is harvested at the harmonious peak of flavor and nutrition by our team of four native Floridians. Since probiotics are heat-sensitive, we leave our kombucha raw and unpasteurized.”

“What makes Kombucha different from other health drinks?”

“Kombucha is a fizzy, slightly sweet, mildly tart, and naturally tangy beverage, with an abundance of live probiotics; loaded with healthy enzymes, amino acids, polyphenols, and various other organic acids. Depending on the added flavors, it can even taste fruity, floral, spicy, or herbaceous.”

“How many probiotics are in a glass of kombucha?”

“Billions of living probiotics are found in just one glass of kombucha.”

“What health benefits does Kombucha offer?”

“Kombucha is known to boost our immune systems and improve digestion. By introducing healthy bacteria into our gut, it helps us process foods and cleanses the bloodstream. It also helps to balance energy levels, mental focus and can also assist with weight loss!! Christian has lost 35 pounds since adding kombucha into his routine!”

“What is the ‘story’ behind Wellspring Kombucha? How did your business start?”

“In 2006, our founder and brewer Ahren Tsacrios became very focused on his health and after trying kombucha for the first felt like it would give him a boost toward a healthier lifestyle. Shortly after adding kombucha to his diet, he decided he would try his hand at brewing his own from home. After a few test runs, he started sharing his kombucha with his friends and family. One of those friends was Eli Collins who was also trying to take on a healthier lifestyle. Eli noticed that he was getting the results that other people enjoyed as well. He noticed that most brands of kombucha found in Gainesville were shipped from across the country and thought Gainesville deserved its own kombucha brewery. Eli then created Revival kombucha which was later rebranded to Wellspring.

Eli and Christian are the current owners and all three of them have grown up in Gainesville. Theyare excited to educate people and provide a great source of healthy beverages.”

“What flavors of Kombucha do you offer? What is your favorite flavor?”Wellspring Kombucha at Ward's Supermarket Gainesville FL

“We currently have six flavors in our lineup, Ginger Snapper, Bombus Hibiscus, Pineapple Coalescence, Mango-Orange, Concord Grape, and Straight Up Original. My favorite flavor is probably our Bombus Hibiscus. It is very refreshing and full of flavor. We use rose hips in the brew for a slight floral dimension, making it a perfect blend of sweet & tart. People who try it for the first time really enjoy this flavor.”

“Do you offer tastings?

“We use our custom kombucha trike to provide tastings at Ward’s Supermarket with four of our flavors. We are looking to expand our education on what kombucha is and how to home brew. Before the end of June, we will have a tasting at Ward’s. We try to have one at least once a month.”

“Any other comments?”

“Ward’s was the first supermarket to carry our product!”

Wellspring Kombucha at Ward’s Supermarket

Next time you visit Ward’s Supermarket, be sure to pick up a bottle of Wellspring Kombucha to try this delicious and healthy beverage for yourself. Ward’s is proud to carry this locally brewed kombucha to provide fresh, local, and flavorful beverages to the Gainesville, FL community.

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