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When referring to food, fresher is better, and in-season fruits and vegetables offer the most bang for your buck in terms of flavor, prices, and nutrient retention. But are you wondering which foods are in-season during the winter here in Florida? Read on for our guide on what winter produce to add to your Ward’s grocery cart during your next shopping trip. 

Winter Fruits and Vegetables


Arugula isn’t an island in the Caribbean the way it sounds. It’s actually a fast-growing leafy green vegetable with dark serrated leaves and a peppery, spicy, robust flavor similar to mustard greens. It can be eaten uncooked or cooked, steamed or cold, and is a popular addition to salads, sandwiches, pizza, or even soup. 


This versatile fruit’s popularity is due to its high fiber, high (healthy) fat content, and low-carb nutrient value. It can be roasted in the oven, used as the base for fresh guacamole, or spread on toast for a trendy food favorite. Avocadon’t get me started on all the ways you can eat this delicious flowering plant. 

Bell Peppers

Would you bell-ieve that this pepper type is actually a fruit that belongs in the nightshade family? Along with avocado, eggplant, and tomatoes appearing on this list, bell peppers are fruits that we typically cook as vegetables. They can be eaten raw or can be cooked, such as in chili, and are packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins. Did you know that paprika is made from dried and powdered bell peppers? 


Broccoli belongs to the same plant species as cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. Known for its high nutritional value, broccoli is delicious served hot with lemon and butter, or even cold in salads or dipped in ranch dressing. Watch out, though, as broccoli has been known to stalk


Orange you glad this fruit appears on the list? Clementines are a hybrid of mandarin and sweet oranges but are sweeter and juicier. It’s a favorite of many a foodie due to its flavor, seedlessness, portability, and easily removable peel. 


The eggplant is technically a berry according to its botanical classification, and generally speaking, smaller eggplants are sweeter than their larger counterparts. It can be baked, roasted, made into a dip, included in pasta, grilled, or even fried. The purple color commonly associated with eggplant means you don’t have to be an aubergenius to find it at the store. 


Technically, strawberries are not berries at all but rather an accessory fruit whose seeds are on the outside. While it may remind you mainly of summer, strawberries grow best in Florida during our colder months and are one of our top picks for winter produce. Known for their sweetness, aroma, and distinctive aroma, strawberries are a favorite Southern food. They can be eaten fresh or added to pies, jams, juice, ice cream, and milkshakes, or covered with chocolate for a deliciously sinful treat.  


Tomatoes are a favorite plant to grow among gardeners due to their versatility – they can be planted in a garden or hanging baskets and containers. Known for their impressive antioxidant and vitamin nutrients, tomatoes provide a juicy, pleasing tasting experience. They can be eaten fresh, added to salads, dried and added to pasta, stewed, and much more. 

Get Your Winter Winners at Ward’s

No matter what you need for your winter feasts, Ward’s Supermarket has it all. From the freshest fruits, vegetables, and herbs in town to a wide selection of quality meats, local foods, baked goods, and a wide assortment of beer and wine, stop by to stock up on winter produce and foods. 

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