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Support Gainesville Businesses with Your Holiday Shopping: Local Gift Guide

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December can only mean one thing: the holidays are fast approaching. Each and every year, you might find yourself having to find gifts that are both meaningful and easy to locate (and don’t have shipping delays!). Look no further than Ward’s Supermarket to make holiday shopping easier, without compromising the meaning of the gifts you give.

Give Presents While Also Giving Back to Your Community

Purchasing a gift from Ward’s Supermarket means that you are giving a thoughtful gift that also will also go back to the Gainesville community. Ward’s prides itself on partnering with local vendors and businesses to make sure that we are positively impacting the community that has given us so much.

Gainesville Based Cold Brew

brio cold brew coffee gainesville local

Do you know some high-energy people? You might want to get them a gift that they will enjoy, but also help them with their fast-paced lifestyles. Brio Cold Brew Coffee is a Gainesville-based cold brew that offers farm-to-table cold brew in just 21 days. Give a gift that is fresh, delicious, and brought to you right here in Gainesville, FL.

Local Coffee with a Purpose

If you are looking to give a great gift to any of your coffee loving friends or family members, Ward’s Supermarket offers several different local coffees for you to gift this holiday season.

  • Ward’s Private Label Coffee: We don’t want to seem biased, but we sure do love our private label coffee. Our favorites include “Swamp Chomp”, “The Bo Diddley Beat”, and “All In the Family.” For a truly special gift, give your favorite coffee lover some of Ward’s finest coffee.
  • Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co.: Looking for a sustainable & fair trade coffee that tastes just as delicious? Sweetwater Organic Coffee Co. does it all! This coffee will taste just as good as the good it does for not only the community but internationally.
  • Flagship Coffee Roasters: Another fair trade coffee option Ward’s offers is Flagship Coffee Roasters. A cup of their coffee will not only bring a smile to the face of your coffee-loving friend, but it’ll also make them feel great about supporting a local business that practices sustainable and ethical efforts.

If you are looking for a coffee that will not only taste good but also make you and the person receiving this gift feel good, shop at Ward’s for the perfect gift.

Baked Goods

We can’t all bake homemade favorites as well as our grandmothers, but you can treat your favorite family members to a delicious baked item from Ward’s Supermarket this holiday season. Our baked goods are fresh, with little to no preservatives. Plus, you are helping your local supermarket with your purchase.

We also offer vegan and gluten-free options, so there’s something for everyone on your list. Stop by to see our selection of bread, muffins, bagels, desserts, and more!

You can also find delicious treats from Lemkos Bakery, a Gainesville-based bakery!

Zero Waste Starter Gift Basket

Is someone on your list looking to go greener in the new year? A perfect gift would be stocking up on zero waste supplies to put in a gift basket. The zero waste movement is gaining popularity and you can give someone the right tools for them to start living waste free. This is a gift that keeps on giving because they won’t need to throw any of it away!

Ward’s offers many different items to help kickstart a zero-waste lifestyle including:

  • Metal tea balls
  • 1-60 oz. spice jars
  • 1 and 2 oz. dropper bottles
  • Wooden coffee scoops
  • Bamboo kitchen spoons
  • Nylon nut milk bags (an alternative to cheesecloth)
  • Ball Jars (various sizes)
  • French press coffee pots (last longer compared to auto-drip options!)
  • Cotton bags
  • And more!
african handmade market baskets

Ward’s Supermarket also offers beautiful handmade African baskets that you can use to gift all these items. For more ideas on how to zero waste shop at Ward’s, check out our blog post!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamp

If you are looking for a housewarming gift to brighten up someone’s space, a Himalayan salt lamp from Ward’s is a great present. Not only are these lamps a wonderful addition to someone’s home or apartment, but they also help to cleanse the indoor air. When lit, these salt lamps absorb water vapor present in the air and remove the pollutants that might be carried in the water.

They also have been credited to releasing negative ions. Don’t worry, these negative ions might sound scary, but they are actually super helpful to your body. They increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, and in return, increase your energy and alertness. It’s great for those who are looking to be more productive in the new year.

Handmade Soaps & Natural Body Products

Treat your favorite people to handmade soaps and natural body products from our local vendors. You can give the gift of natural beauty without the fear of harmful chemicals.

One of our vendors, Stinky Lewis Soaps, offers amazing hand soaps with no artificial ingredients that will leave you smelling amazing and feeling even better about supporting a local business. Some of their seasonal scents include Yuletide Spice, Winter Solstice, and Peppermint.

stinky lewis hand soap all natural

Ward’s also offers soaps from Monica’s Cococastile Soap. Soaps from Monica are handmade, organic, and chemical free that are gentle on your skin.

Charcuterie Board for Your Favorite Host/Hostess

If you are looking to give your favorite entertaining friends a great gift, you can give them all they need for a charcuterie board complete with everything they could ever want for entertaining. Pick up cheeses, bread, crackers, fruits, and more from our various departments for a complete board, ready for any gathering! Pair this gift with delicious Boar’s Head meats and cheeses from our deli department.

boars head deli meat

Stop by our wine department to select a bottle (or two) to pair with this thoughtful gift. Plus, this gift will give your favorite host or hostess the perfect excuse to host another get-together.

Stop By Ward’s Supermarket for All of Your Holiday Shopping

You don’t have to stress this holiday season to get everyone on your list the perfect gift. Look no further than Ward’s Supermarket to find thoughtful gifts that will mean the most. Give to those you care about while also supporting the community we all are proud to call home.

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