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Zero Waste Grocery Shopping at Ward’s Supermarket

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Making choices that promote sustainable living in our everyday lives has become more important as people are beginning to realize their impact on the environment. A recent movement that people are partaking in is the Zero Waste movement, and it’s happening in our backyard here in Gainesville!

What is the Zero Waste Movement?

The Zero Waste movement implies simply that: zero waste. This movement focuses on partaking in activities and buying products that contribute little to no waste. We’ve seen dramatic increases of harmful chemical pollutants and plastics in landfills and in our planet’s oceans. In turn, it has made people conscious of the choices they are making when buying products. One of the biggest ways to convert to a zero waste lifestyle is to practice zero waste thinking when going to the grocery store.

How to Zero Waste Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping is one of the biggest ways you can change your lifestyle to one of zero waste. The grocery store is full of opportunities to reduce the amount of waste you contribute and make smarter, more sustainable choices.

The EPA also states that a simple thing like reducing your packaging use can decrease energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. That’s definitely an encouragement to opt out of buying packaged foods on your next grocery shopping trip!

Create a Zero Waste Shopping Kit

zero waste shopping Gainesville FL Ward's Supermarket

To cut down on your waste at the grocery store, you can create a “zero waste shopping kit” to keep in your car. This kit can include the following:

  • Reusable bags (to say no to plastic bags!)
  • Glass jars
  • Wax crayons to write product codes on packages
  • Reusable containers
  • Nylon or cotton bags for produce
  • Canvas totes
  • Pillowcases (to carry baked goods like bread)

You can keep these items in a bin in your car for easy storage and it’s a great reminder to use when you arrive at the grocery store.

Stick to a Plan

It’s easy to get carried away at the grocery store, but in order to promote a “waste not, want not” lifestyle, only stick to the things on your list. And when it comes to your grocery list, instead of wasting a piece of paper, keep your list on your smartphone.

Ward’s Zero Waste Practices

At Ward’s Supermarket, we not only support our customers’ zero waste practices, we encourage them! We offer many different ways to partake in this movement, whether you are new to this or a seasoned veteran.

Shop Zero Waste with Bulk Goods

Zero Waste Shopping Gainesville FL Ward's Supermarket

We offer Gainesville’s largest selection of bulk goods with over 600 items to choose from. We have all of your favorite products including:

  • Coffee beans
  • Granola
  • Spices
  • Dried fruits
  • Beans
  • Tea
  • Kombucha (on draft!)
  • And more!

You can bring in your own glass or reusable containers to fill! This reduces the need for packaging and you only buy the amount you need. Just remember to bring your containers to any register to get a empty weight on the container.

Zero Waste Items to Buy at Ward’s Supermarket

If you are a beginner to the Zero Waste movement, we offer items in store to help you start reducing waste! Items you can purchase at Ward’s include:

  • Metal tea balls
  • 1-60 oz. spice jars
  • 1 and 2 oz. dropper bottles
  • Wooden coffee scoops
  • Bamboo kitchen spoons
  • Nylon nut milk bags (an alternative to cheesecloth)
  • Ball Jars (various sizes)
  • French press coffee pots (last longer compared to auto-drip options!)
  • Cotton bags
  • And more!

Zero Waste Shopping in Gainesville with Ward’s Supermarket

It’s easier than ever to make a change in the way you grocery shop. At Ward’s Supermarket, we encourage the Zero Waste movement and want to help our shoppers make environmentally friendly and sustainable choices at the grocery store. Stop by our store in Gainesville to make going to the grocery store an opportunity to change the world!

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