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The Benefits of Local Honey

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Have you ever been to a Ward’s and seen our local honey for sale? A powerhouse of nutrients and natural health benefits, local honey is a natural treasure trove.

Let’s get the buzz going about honey and its sweet perks!

What’s the Difference Between Raw and Processed Honey?

When honey is extracted from a bee hive there are two different paths it can go through. Either it can be sold raw, which means it’s right from the hive, or it can be processed. Unlike raw honey that’s packed full of nutrients, processed honey loses some of those nutrients by being pasteurized, where particles and bacteria are removed. Another downside to processed honey is that there is often added sugar.

Un-Bee-lievable Health Benefits


Plants contain a special compound called phytonutrients that protect them from harm, such as shielding them from ultraviolet rays. Honey contains these same phytonutrients, which cause its antioxidant properties. These antioxidants neutralize elements in your body that would otherwise contribute to health problems like diabetes and heart disease.


Instead of using sugar to sweeten your food or drinks, you can swap it out for honey. It’s even been shown to have calcium, magnesium and several other vitamins. Depending on the origin of the honey, the level of nutrients will vary. 

Healing Properties 

Honey is much more than a sweet treat. It has the natural ability to combat illness and infection. It’s powerful antibacterial and healing properties and can help in a variety of ways. You may have heard that adding it tea is a great way to soothe a sore throat!

Improves Digestion

Another added benefit of raw is that it’s prebiotic. This means that it promotes good digestive health by nurturing the good bacteria in your body. A common method for dealing with digestive problems is drinking water with honey and lemon.

Finding the Sweet Spot

So how much honey should you consume? While honey comes with tremendous benefits, it also has a significant amount of sugar. Consuming local, raw honey will avoid any added sugar but it’s still important to stay within a range of 1-3 tablespoons per day.

Shop Local At Ward’s

Sweeten your life with local honey: the golden ticket to wellness and supporting the community! At Ward’s we pride ourselves on bringing local products right to your table. From our own supply of local honey to the various brands of high quality honey we offer, we’ve got you covered.

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